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Analysis of the riskiness of trade / territory

Political risk, especially in developing markets is often considered as a significant investment restriction. Companies which are able to manage such risk are better protected against dangerous expropriation, government payment delays, cancellation of import and export licenses. Furthermore, they are able to suggest and implement strategies which help to manage the risks. 

Sources of political risks

·         Hostile attitude of neighbouring countries

·         Racial, religious problems

·         Political instability

·         Changes in government, more centres of power

·         Overloaded economic climate

·         Regulations 

·         Populist politics

Risks distorting global stability

·         Weakening role of dollar and euro

·         Increasing price of oil and strategic resources

·         Overheating of China´s economy

·         Growing pension and fiscal crisis in many Western countries

·         Racial and religious issues

·         Weakened investor confidence

·         Asymmetric distribution of a social wealth

·         Various pandemic threat

These risks, amongst others, have to be considered by responsible investors, funding entities and executive management when preparing strategic and business plans. It is imperative that they are considered at all phases of their implementation.


Company London Market offers risk analysis of the territory, state or particular region within the country, so that the investor / exporter can identify and manage all the political and credit risks relating to the transaction. 


Also researching the consumer-base of market is very important. Businesses that invest time researching the consumer-base for their products increase their chances of succeeding in the international marketplace. Researching potential markets can help you specify market segments, identify where your product is most likely to sell, determine both domestic and international competitors and establish a fair market price for your product.


Conducting a systematic market search takes time, but normally pays off in the long run. Considering many of the factors involved with exporting in the beginning will save you from misfortunes in the end. 

Jun 18, 2020

Change of company address

Dear Business Partners,

we would like to inform you about a change concerning the registered address of our company London market.

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Feb 7, 2019

“How will your business change after Brexit“ seminar


On the 10th of January 2019, the British Chamber of Commerce, in cooperation with PwC, organized a seminar titled " How will your business change after Brexit?“  

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Jun 28, 2018

“How to succeed in International Trade today“ seminar

   Výsledek obrázku pro čsob

On 20 June 2018, CSOB organized a seminar titled "How to Succeed in International Trade today" for their clients and business partners. 

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Apr 17, 2018

Round Table with CNB Governor Jiří Rusnok


On 11 April 2018, the British Chamber of Commerce, in cooperation with London Market, organized a roundtable with CNB Governor Jiří Rusnok.

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Nov 24, 2017

Conference on “UK 4th biggest trading partner of the Czech Republic “

Company London Market organised International Export conference within Brno International Fair „UK 4th biggest trading partner of the Czech Republic “

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